The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (2024)

As a hardcore Dead Space fan who has eagerly awaited the franchise‘s return, I was thrilled to dive into the Dead Space remake and unlock the exclusive Digital Deluxe suits. These creepy, intricate suits let you customize Isaac Clarke‘s look in gruesome ways that long-time fans will appreciate.

But questions linger – how do you get these iconic suits? What secrets do they hold? And are they worth seeking out? I‘ve uncovered answers to all that and more in this comprehensive guide.

A Horrifying Ensemble – The Deluxe Suits Revealed

The Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe edition includes 7 bonus suits and a special "Legacy Rig" suit – each customized with spine-tingling features that transform Isaac‘s appearance.

Here‘s an overview of each suit and their notable attributes:

DS-08 Legacy Rig

This copper-plated suit pays homage to Isaac‘s original Dead Space armor with the iconic red triangle visor. It provides no bonuses, simply standing as a stylish reminder of the past.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (1)

Isaac donning the DS-08 Legacy Rig suit

Lone Survivor Suit

This suit turns Isaac into a disturbing humanoid deer, with giant metal antlers protruding from the helmet. It reminds players that Isaac has persevered alone against nightmarish odds.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (2)

The Lone Survivor Suit‘s unsettling antlered design

Infested Suit

This skin graft-covered suit makes Isaac resemble a walking mass of contorted, mutated flesh. As if he‘s slowly transforming into a Necromorph himself due to prolonged exposure.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (3)

Isaac infected by the Marker‘s influence

Venture Suit

This armor set has a sleek spacesuit design perfect for exploring zero G environments. The navy blue panelling gives Isaac a military grade appearance.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (4)

Venture Suit – prepared to venture into the unknown

Bloody Suit

This suit wraps Isaac in a blood soaked shroud, fresh carnage eternally dripping from his armor. It allows Isaac to blend in when surrounded by pools of viscera and scattered entrails.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (5)

Drenched in blood, Isaac roams the Necromorph-filled halls

Sanctified Suit

Strange symbols and writings adorn this suit, as if part of an occult ritual to protect its wearer. Or perhaps they silently beckon the dark forces of the Marker.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (6)

What secrets do these odd sigils hide?

Burnished Suit

With shimmering copper panelling covering bulky layers of armor, this suit has a palpable weight and power to it. Isaac wears it well as he stomps through hordes of nightmares.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (7)

Stomping through dark halls clad in copper

I have to say, as both aesthetic customizations and collectible content, these suits add an incredible layer of enjoyment for devoted fans like myself. But how do you actually unlock them?

Claiming the Spoils of Deluxe – Where to Find the Suits

First, to access any of these gnarly suits, you must purchase the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition. This upgraded version retails for $79.99 USD and contains the base game along with bonus content like the Vintage Suit Pack and – what we‘re here for – the Deluxe Suit Pack.

After buying the Deluxe edition (my preferred version as a diehard fan) and completing the initial missions up through Chapter 1, you‘ll gain access to the Store screen via the Flight Deck Tram Station terminal.

Interact with the Store and look for the Storage tab, where all your unlocked items live. Click through until you uncover the RIG Customization category – this is where the Deluxe suits await!

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (8)

Find the bonus suits in the Store‘s Storage > RIG Customization

And that‘s it! Just purchase the Deluxe edition then play through Chapter 1 and you‘ll be able to equip your first bonus suit.

The Deluxe unlocks represent a great bait-and-switch from the developers – at first you can only equip the Classic RIG with no customization as you work through intense early missions.

But once the Store is enabled, a gruesome world of suits opens up, allowing you to play dress up with Isaac to your (and his) heart‘s content!

Now – how do these morbid costumes actually impact gameplay? Should you spring for the Deluxe edition just to use them?

Cosmetic Gore – Gameplay Impacts and Usage

I need to set proper expectations up front – the Deluxe suits are purely cosmetic additions with no direct gameplay improvements.

They don‘t make Isaac run faster, hit harder, or absorb more damage. Their only function is to give dedicated players creepier aesthetic options as they guide Isaac through blood-soaked halls.

However, I still believe they add tremendous atmospheric value making the nightmarish world feel more fully realized.

Donning the Lone Survivor Suit with giant metal antlers before stomping through a Necromorph nest creates strong thematic resonance. And the Sanctified Suit‘s creepy sigils beautifully complement tense story beats related to the insidious Marker.

So while they don‘t buff Isaac‘s stats, these outfits provide environmental storytelling flavor making the world more immersive. And that matters when crafting great horror.

As a bonus, some Deluxe suits increase Isaac‘s inventory by adding small armor pockets. For example, the Venture Suit includes +2 inventory slots bumping Isaac‘s total carrying capacity. So while minor, some suits do optimize gameplay via larger inventories.

To equip whichever ghoulish suit you desire, simply access the Store‘s Storage, hover over your chosen skin, and select "Equip" when prompted:

The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (9)

Dress Isaac up however you like mid-adventure

You can swap suits before missions or at benches throughout levels, so get creative mixing and matching!

For example, I walk Isaac through story scenes wearing the DS-08 Legacy Rig to connect back to the first game. Then when combat starts, I switch to the heavier Bloody Suit for intimidation and its added inventory slot.

This fluid customization paired with the excellent flexibility of the Dead Space Remake New Game Plus mode means my fashion choices never get old even across repeated playthroughs!

So while they don‘t directly aid progression, I still highly value the Deluxe skins for expanding immersion and roleplaying potential.

To Deluxe or Not to Deluxe? – Key Takeaways

While the creepy Deluxe skins don‘t radically transform core gameplay, I believe they provide tremendous value, especially for devoted franchise fans:

If you love Dead Space lore, the intricately crafted Deluxe suits let you geek out and admire small backstory details related to Isaac, the Marker, etc.

As a fan who has already Pre-Ordered, I think the Deluxe edition‘s few extra dollars provide great long-term value given the cool outfits.

If you adore cosmetics and customization in games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, these ghastly skins deliver a similar appeal.

As a series collector investing hundreds of hours over multiple playthroughs, the Deluxe unlocks will exponentially expand fashion options over time.

If you‘re obsessed with horror immersion like me, the Deluxe skins massively boost Fear Factor, making the USG Ishimura feel even creepier.

However, more budget focused buyers simply interested in tight core gameplay and visuals probably don‘t need to splurge on Deluxe. The Standard Edition already nails combat, exploration and atmosphere even without the skins.

So in summary – I wholeheartedly recommend the Digital Deluxe edition for devoted horrorheads who wish to express themselves through Isaac‘s wonderfully macabre makeover options.

But more casual players can save $10 and focus simply on surviving the haunting Ishimura. The choice ultimately comes down to personal gaming priorities!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about these vicious Deluxe Skins – I could talk Dead Space fashion all day long! Until then, happy haunting…

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The Ultimate Guide to the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Suits - 33rd Square (2024)


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