Comparing Yahoo, ESPN fantasy football rankings for 2022 to find sleepers, busts | Sporting News (2024)

Not all fantasy football cheat sheets and sleeper lists are created equal. With so many experts and so many sites, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best source for overall player rankings from one year (and draft) to the next. The constantly updatedconsensus rankings at Fantasy Prosare a helpful composite, but even with other sites gaining popularity heading into 2022, chances are many will be drafting and playing most of their leagues on either Yahoo or ESPN.

Although Yahoo defaults to half-point PPR and ESPN goes with standard, there are some intriguing differences between both sites' main rankings. If you play on both, different sleeper/bust targets might emerge, and you'll likely need to employ a slightly different draft strategy.

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Even if you play on just one site, it's important to understand the draft applet you're using might have different criteria for its rankings than the ones you were studying prior to the draft.

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There is one guarantee — neitherYahoonorESPNwill be 100-percent accurate across positions, just like Sporting News, CBS Sports, Pro Football Focus, etc. Here's a look at the most polarizing players leading to thebiggest deviations in 2022 so you can plan accordingly for your drafts:

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Yahoo fantasy rankings vs. ESPN fantasy rankings 2022

Yahoo's default setting is half-point PPR; ESPN's default setting is standard

Aaron Jones, RB, Packers (Yahoo ranking: 12 | ESPN ranking: 22)

Let's start with a weird one. Jones is a deft pass-catcher and Aaron Rodgers will need to rely more on that aspect of his game as they sort out more in the receiving corps. Jones has much more value in any non-standard format, so Yahoo's number is more on the mark.

Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants (Yahoo ranking: 19 | ESPN ranking: 28)

With this one, Yahoo, ESPN and a lot of the industry are banking on Barkley staying healthy and suddenly returning to rookie form. Either way, this is rather rich to take a shot on what might be volume-based RB2 services based on the massive durability risk.

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James Conner, RB, Cardinals (Yahoo ranking: 32 | ESPN ranking: 21)

Conner is justly getting a considerable bump from half to full in PPR on ESPN. He should see some TD regression after scoring 18 times last season, but he's more in a feature situation where he will see an increase in his good receiving output.

Allen Robinson, WR, Rams (Yahoo ranking: 44 | ESPN ranking: 65)

Given the volume Cooper Kupp demands, Robinson might initially seem to be a better standard option, but he averaged 100 receptions in his final two "motivated" seasons in Chicago and Robert Woods hit 90 with the Rams twice before his torn ACL last season. Robinson's range at Yahoo is appropriate, and he might even be underrated for PPR, too.

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Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens (Yahoo ranking: 47 | ESPN ranking: 70)

ESPN tends to push QBs down in the rankings in relation to other positions, but here Jackson, given PPR isn't a factor, is seen as a late sixth-rounder vs. a late fourth-rounder. Jackson should be going right in the middle in the fifth.

AJ Dillon, RB, Packers (Yahoo ranking: 48 | ESPN ranking: 97)

Once again, ESPN is maybe not giving the Packers' backs enough credit for what they can do in the passing game to support Rodgers. Dillon is perceived to be the power complement to Jones, but he caught 34 of 37 targets last year to supplement Jones' 52 grabs on 65 targets. He won't get close to lasting until in the ninth round in any format.

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Chase Edmonds, RB, Dolphins (Yahoo ranking: 64 | ESPN ranking: 98)

Edmonds is the top back in Miami when you factor in Raheem Mostert's injury questions, Sony Michel's limited game, and Myles Gaskin's youthful fade. Edmonds is an upside RB3 because he is a good receiver vs. being a reliable scorer. He should actually have more value in PPR.

Elijah Moore, WR, Jets (Yahoo ranking: 70 | ESPN ranking: 89)

Moore averaged seven targets per game as a rookie with a 55.8-percent catch rate. Both of those numbers are bound to go up regardless of New York's questionable QB situation. His floor seems to be as an 80-catch player, and he needs more love in PPR.

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Darnell Mooney, WR, Bears (Yahoo ranking: 76 | ESPN ranking: 54)

Yahoo needs to bump up Mooney here into at least the sixth round. He's also a standard star with good volume coming and needs more WR2 love overall.

Marquise Brown, WR, Cardinals (Yahoo ranking: 77 | ESPN ranking: 45)

Some see "Hollywood" being a target monster again after catching 91 of 145 targets in Baltimore, but that's bound to go down with Kyler Murray still spreading the ball around even before DeAndre Hopkins returns. Brown is also inefficient and inconsistent as a big-play and scoring threat. Playing it lower with Brown is smarter in general.

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Amari Cooper, WR, Browns (Yahoo ranking: 83 | ESPN ranking: 56)

ESPN likes Cooper to be a reliable volume receiver regardless of the QB in Cleveland. Yahoo is skeptical of that QB situation. Split the difference and look at Cooper as a sixth-rounder.

Dawson Knox, TE, Bills (Yahoo ranking: 87 | ESPN ranking: 120)

There are mixed feelings on Knox, as the Bills have expanded the weapons for Josh Allen. Gabriel Davis' rise, James Cook's involvement, Isaiah McKenzie's buzz, and O.J. Howard's presence are some of the factors in play to push Knox lower in the pecking order and likewise in the rankings.

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Darrell Henderson Jr., RB, Rams (Yahoo ranking: 93 | ESPN ranking: 175)

Yahoo does offer some concerns about Cam Akers staying healthy, and that's reflected here. That confirms Akers is one of the biggest boom-or-bust picks this season.

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks (Yahoo ranking: 99 | ESPN ranking: 73)

Geno Smith might inspire more hope for Lockett than Drew Lock. Either way, being too optimistic about Lockett in a run-first, Russell Wilson-less offense isn't the way to go.

Dameon Pierce, RB, Texans (Yahoo ranking: 101 | ESPN ranking: 138)

Pierce is a trendy rookie pick because, well, Marlon Mack and Rex Burkhead don't inspire anyone while ahead of him on the depth chart. You'll need to be on the Yahoo earlier side to get the jump on Pierce.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers (Yahoo ranking: 105 | ESPN ranking: 83)

Rodgers is being dragged down into QB2 territory in the rankings because of "sky is falling" feelings about the Packers' passing game. ESPN has him more in the right wheelhouse for a steal even in the seventh round.

Chris Godwin, WR, Buccaneers (Yahoo ranking: 106 | ESPN ranking: 52)

ESPN is banking on Godwin being his healthy self almost right away while Yahoo isn't. Take advantage of that on Yahoo should more optimistic reports come from Tampa Bay soon.

Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Broncos (Yahoo ranking: 110 | ESPN ranking: 214)

Albert O is polarizing as a tight end sleeper. Some see him being like the No. 3 receiver behind Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy with Tim Patrick (left knee) down. Others see Wilson having a fickle history in throwing to the tight end or hybrid rookie backup Greg Dulcich being a key factor. Okwuegbunam should be drafted somewhere around the 10th round, so Yahoo has it right here.

Kadarius Toney, WR, Giants (Yahoo ranking: 113 | ESPN ranking: 75)

The Giants' passing game has become a complete wild card with Daniel Jones operating for Mike Kafka and Brian Daboll. Toney or rookie Wan'Dale Robinson? Will Kenny Golladay or Sterling Shepard rebound? Big Blue wide receiver crew seems like a big avoid in the top 100.

Justin Fields, QB, Bears (Yahoo ranking: 118 | ESPN ranking: 164)

Fields is another polarizing value in drafts. His running floor and immense physical gifts in a much-improved offensive scheme says he will go closer to Round 10 than Round 14.

Kenneth Gainwell, Eagles (Yahoo ranking: 129 | ESPN ranking: 186)

ESPN is higher on Miles Sanders even with his limited receiving pop. Gainwell is being undervalued as a real threat to take away key touches in what should go back to a dangerous pass-leaning offense.

Matt Ryan, QB, Colts (Yahoo ranking: 138 | ESPN ranking: 245)

Ryan or Jared Goff? Those are old-school, former QB1 veteran passers getting no interest as buried QB2s. Yahoo is a little too high on Ryan, but ESPN is definitely way too low.

Skyy Moore, WR, Chiefs (Yahoo ranking: 147 | ESPN ranking: 112)

ESPN really loves Moore to emerge as the key factor in the committee to replace Tyreek Hill and others behind Travis Kelce. We're with them more than Yaho, as we're wary of the veteran crowd ahead of the dynamic rookie.

Khalil Herbert, RB, Bears (Yahoo ranking: 149 | ESPN ranking: 183)

You can take a risky earlier pick as a RB2 on David Montgomery, or you can wait for a much better value out of the Bears backfield in his more explosive backup. Be on alert for this Herbert as early as Round 10.

Rachaad White, RB, Buccaneers (Yahoo ranking: 151 | ESPN ranking: 196)

Leonard Fournette should theoretically be in line for one more strong season with Tom Brady, but there's always some durability risk. White is a premium handcuff at worst, and his pass-catching prowess suggests he's more of a 12th- or 13th-round guy than an end-of-draft flier.

Romeo Doubs, WR, Packers (Yahoo ranking: 155 | ESPN ranking: 271)

Yahoo has caught up to make the quick adjustment on the buzzy rookie budding with Rodgers. ESPN is lagging there. But it's clear Doubs should be taken in the later rounds in all drafts regardless of format.

Comparing Yahoo, ESPN fantasy football rankings for 2022 to find sleepers, busts | Sporting News (2024)


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